Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can Nigeria ever become a great nation?

I was shivering reading the following quote from one of the national dailies on how Nigerians who served their father land are treated after living office.

"Do not serve with zeal. Do not give off your best to the nation. No one will give you applause for your selflessness. Try to serve yourself and family as much as possible. We take noble efforts for granted. It is not in our character to remember the good any one has done. It is rather in our character to seek to prove that you are no better than anyone else. That all the noise about you is mere hype. That you are a bloody hypocrite and an overrated performer."

It is a pity as every other nations of the world are busy saying, preaching and teaching to their young ones on how they should put in their best for their country reverse is the case of Nigeria. In a nation where patriotic citizens are seen as negative people while corrupt, dubious and vision less ones are being celebrated as champions. Anybody that have interest of this nation at heart to even sacrifice his or herself are regarded as failure. If you are holding public office in Nigeria is better you don't perform because if you do you must be stepping on some "toes" . These toes so to say are the league of those that have one way or the other killed the Nigerian system, which was one of the best in the world in the late 60's and early 70's. Look around your neighbourhood they are there, proving to be elder state men; analyze them vividly and see if truly are or otherwise.

The big questions is, what is their role in the nations development? Are they seeing themselves as saints or ready to contribute or even bragging that their time is better than now; but they should remember that their role(s) in the nearest past has a significant impact on the nation today.

Most of the major player in this generation that ruined the fortune of the country strive to become somebody by hardwork and dedication that was not truncated by their older generation. The truth is that they are trying to truncate any talent that want to emerge for the greatness of the country and if possible replace them with their own children(selfish generation). Looking inwardly, one will see that most of their children cannot even reach half of their parent achievement because they are spoon fed by their parent thereby destroying their ability to even achieve greater height to the nation and even to elevate the status of their family. Their father's loots is enough for at least two or three generations. Nigerian will avenge, God will judge you and hell is becoming hotter everyday awaiting all of you, except if you repent and start amending you ways.

A contemporary Nigerian youth is becoming vision less everyday, they are not ready to work but desire the best thing in life(big cars, exotic jeeps and big houses in selected location of the urban cities). They are not ready to put their talents at play towards greatness of Nigeria; instead they are expert in praise singing to those nonentities that ruined the fortunes of the country and using tribalism and religious differences as their tools. Their generation is a disaster for this country and instead of them trying to redeeming the nation out of their past anomaly they are busy destroying new breed of patriotic Nigerians.

The same God of the masses that saved Nigerians from the hands of the immediate past power that be in Abuja by blocking one and blind folding the other and Install the President of the masses Yar' adua will stand and fight all the enemies of this country Nigeria even you, will not be speared. The sweat of the living and the blood of the dead patriotic Nigerians are really crying for vengeance.

God is in the plan of Nigeria and the answer to the question I used as title is YES, Nigeria will be very great in a very short time but evaluate your contribution before, presently and in the time to come are they sincere? If not change you ways before nemesis catch up with you!

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