Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nigeria Elections| Voters Registration

It is going to three weeks now that this national exercise has commenced. The exercise has been faced with various hick-pus ranging from none acceptance of finger prints to lack of stationery is some centres. It was even alleged that some officials are monetizing it due to lack of adequate Direct Data Capture (DDC) machine to go round.

Report also have it that about one thousand plus machine were adjudged bad in about fourteen states of the federation. Many Nigerians are sleeping at the centre while some will go to the centre as early as 0300am. The irony of the matter is many of them will end up not registering. It is pathetic you say!

The extension is rapidly going to an end and many Nigerians are not sure of registering because the number given to them and the rate of registration at city centres, where there is dense population.

I am short of opinion please, help me suggest to INEC the way to go about this, so that Nigerians will always exercise their rights without stress or hardship.

We are waiting to see how many Nigerians will be registered for the 2011 April polls and what INEC will do for those that might not make it, not due to lack of will but the bottlenecks created by INEC.

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Nigeria 2011 Elections | Meet would be Vice Presidents

The selection of the running mates to the Presidential elections in Nigeria is spring surprises. For those that might not know some of the would be vice president in the 2011 general elections; I will write brief on them as stated below:

1. Namadi Sambo
He is the incumbent vice president to President Goodluck Jonathan. Born 1954, Sambo is an architect and was governor of Kaduna State until he was sworn in as the 4th elected Vice President of the federation on May 19 last year(2010). He and his boss will be running under the banner of People Democratic Party (PDP);

2. Tunde Bakare
His nomiation or selection is the most interesting. Born into a Muslim family in 1954 and a lawyer, Bakare is respected as a teacher of the word. He is a charismatic speaker. He will be running with General Mohammadu Buhari for Congress for Progessive Change (CPC);

3. Odigie-Oyegun
He is the choice of Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau of All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP). OYEGUN is  71-year-old economist retired as a federal permanent secretary. He has been governor of Edo State, a progressive politician of note and a consistent leader. 

4. Ugochukwu
Not much is known of this United States-based businessman. He is seen as a technocrat. A man of means who is passionately committed to building a new Nigeria, he was brought on board to complement the ACN candidate. There is no much emphasis on this Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Ugochuckwu ticket because of the on going alliance talk with CPC.

Conclusively, there are other presidential candidates and their running mates but these are the ones with high level of certainty. Politics in Nigeria is about the structure of the party and its spread in the country. Therefore, watchout for these second-in-commands in Nigeria April polls all thing being equal.